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Jewelry and Gem Appraisals are a MUST for:

Insurance, Estates, Trust Accounts, Probate, Divorce, Bankruptcy and Resale 

The appraised value of an item will differ due to the circumstance (the market) the appraisal is done for.

All fees are quoted prior to the appraisal. Fees are based on the complexity of the item and the time required. We do not charge a fee based on the value of the item.

Appraisals are printed on clear concise forms using detailed Gemological institute of America terminology and Grading Procedures and sent within 48 hours.

Also available for:

Expert Witness for court cases, Consultation, Lecturing, Jewelry Store New Employing Training, Classes for groups of 5 of more for the knowledge of purchasing Jewelry and Gems.

All fees are based on the time involved and/or complexity of the item.